Don't forget to apply for your £1000 Grant!

2016’s ADAPT Project Grant (previously known as the ADAPT Award) application is open. The ADAPT Project Grant is designed to support individuals to go beyond their normal work or study in support of the organisations aim:

 “To support members and facilitate information exchange in order to contribute to the development of effective physiotherapy services world-wide in a manner that promotes an understanding of global healthcare and development issues and which is socio-economically and culturally appropriate.”

As an organisation we recognise that many of our members are involved in small-scale projects, but finding the financial support for these can be difficult. This £1000 grant is intended to encourage ADAPT members to continue with and develop projects that support the aims of ADAPT. One of the key features of the grant is that there must be a knowledge sharing component integrated into the project, enabling all ADAPT members to benefit.

Commenting on winning in 2014, Laura Brown said: 

“There is so much more that can be done through winning the award. I’m excited to be able to expand our services and to promote positive changes to educate and support families of children with disabilities”


Application deadline: 31st August 2016.


For more details on how to apply please see attached information.



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