Buddy System

The ADAPT buddy system is designed to connect physiotherapists who are embarking on work in international health and development contexts with peers who have experienced similar situations or contexts.

Based on feedback given during registration and a 2014 survey, ADAPT has compiled a database of members who are willing to take part in the scheme.

The role of the buddy is to make contact with their match buddy and offer support in the best method for them. That may be via email, Skype, phone, instant messenger, whatever works for each buddy pair.

This 2-way interaction can be really valuable for both parties and looks great on your CV when it comes to supporting peers and providing supervision.

Here’s how it will work:

 1-      You are going overseas or you are already overseas and would like some support from someone who has some experience in your situation

2-      You email adaptenquiries@gmail.com with BUDDY in the subject line

3-      In your email put a bit about what you're up to and state what country/region and field you are working in, e.g. I’m in northern India working in a CBR setting doing a lot of amputee rehabilitation

4-      ADAPT  will then search their database for members who have already signed up to the buddy system and found you a best matched buddy.

This person may have experience in both the area and field or one or the other, or possibly they have worked in that area of the world. All of our members have excellent transferrable skills so even if they haven’t worked in that area or field they will be able to provide a friendly supportive chat/email.

5-     ADAPT will then contact that person via their preferred communication method and say we have had a buddy request. If they are happy to support a buddy, ADAPT will email both parties and put you in touch.

6-      From there you communicate how you wish, as much as you wish. 


If you haven’t already signed up for the buddy system, then it’s never too late to join. Please just send us an email at the above address and give some information on what country/ies you have worked in and what field of work.  You do not need to be a highly skilled physiotherapist who has spent years in a certain country.  Simply having some experience of a country or culture or region and saying ‘yes I understand’, ‘I found this worked for me’, and some encouragement and opportunity to brainstorm is often enough.