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ADAPT Membership

ADAPT is a Professional Network recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

When you join ADAPT you become a member of a community of physiotherapists who are working in developing countries and in disaster relief. Our members also include those who would like to work abroad and those who have just returned and have ongoing experience and connections with international development.

To complete your online registration/renewal, please follow the link at the bottom of this page

Membership Benefits

On joining you will gain access to the member only area on our site.  This gives you access to Useful Resources such as Practical Guidance and Supporting Materials.  In addition to this, you can view a map of members, showing where they are currently, and where they have previously worked.

We aim to facilitate information exchange between members in order to help develop effective physiotherapy services worldwide.  We try to do this in a way that promotes an understanding of healthcare in all cultures and belief systems, which is socially and economically appropriate.

We also operate a buddy system between members for advice and support on clinical, cultural, educational, or any other matters that may arise.  This can involve providing information about specific countries and preparations for working there.  It may also mean helping members to adjust to the change of coming home again and picking up the threads.  Depending on your experience and circumstance you may be looking for a buddy or willing to be a buddy to others.

You will receive a tri-annual newsletter with articles on clinical, cultural and many other issues. You will receive information on job opportunities overseas, voluntary placements, seminars and other relevant information we receive will be shared.  You will also receive a monthly research round-up highlighting articles and research of interest.

You will be invited to attend an annual study day on topics relating to working overseas in a variety of settings. These study days are also wonderful opportunities to share accounts of your experiences with others who may have similar or very different stories to tell, or who could inspire you and offer wise advice about future plans.  We also host occasional regional events organised by ADAPT covering topics and stories of interest, and promoting further networking within our group.

Who can join?

Membership is open to:

- Chartered Physiotherapists and student members of the CSP

- International Physiotherapists and students who are registered to the Professional Body in their home country

 Associate membership is open to:

- Other AHPs, such as Occupational Therapists, and to Therapists from abroad

- Non Chartered/Registered Qualified Physiotherapists or Non Registered Physiotherapy Students


Subscription costs are:

  • £20 Salaried Member and Salaried Associate Member
  • £10 Student (including Student Associate Member)/Unsalaried Member/Retired

ADAPT is a non-profit making organisation and membership fees will be used to cover overheads, produce a membership list and fund study days.

What is expected of members?

A willingness to:

Share their experiences working in under-resourced countries to the benefit of students interested in overseas placements in under-resourced countries, colleagues planning to, currently working and returning from working in under-resourced countries.

Share cross-cultural expertise and experiences with colleagues working in cross-cultural settings in the UK

Participate in planning and implementing cross-cultural training in the CSP and WCPT and with other AHPs

Contribute to cross-cultural issues in CSP policies.

How to join Online

This is the easiest and quickest way to join, using our secure online process.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes (if you already have a CSP website account) and access to ADAPT member content on the website is immediate.  

If you do not have a CSP website account you will need to create one first, to do so click on 'Register' and again follow the instructions.  If you have an account but have forgotten your login details, click on 'login' and then click on 'reset your password'. You will get an email to enable you to reset your password.

Please note: Applicants holding a non UK bank account can only be made using the paper application process.


Membership is open to annually subscribing members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and student members. Annual subscription is £20 for salaried members or £10 for unsalaried members/students, and runs from 1st February - 31st January

The quickest and easiest way to become a member is via online membership, available for account holders in the UK only.  Alternatively, for offline membership an application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Support for CPD/lifelong learning

Annual Study Days address issues pertinent to CPD while abroad and returning to work in the UK.

Individual and group advice on individual issues while abroad.

Valuing of experience abroad by encouragement to contribute to cross-cultural issues in the UK