Below are the answers to the questions that ADAPT are asked most commonly by those seeking to work overseas or recently returned from overseas.   If you have a question that does not appear on this page or would like more information, please feel free to contact us


What is ADAPT?

ADAPT is a Professional Network recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). Formaly known as the International Support Group for Chartered Physiotherapists (ISG4CP), we changed our name to ADAPT in 2008.

ADAPT is an organisation for physiotherapists who have an interest in working in low and middle income countries, which comprise two-thirds of the world.  Members can include those who would like to work abroad, are currently overseas, those who have just returned, or those that are interested in cross-cultural working.

More information can be found on the about us page.

How can I join ADAPT?

Information about joining ADAPT can be found on the membership page on this website.  The cost for membership is £20 for salaried and £10 for non-salaried.

Can ADAPT send me to work overseas, or get me a job in the UK?

No, the role of ADAPT is purely to support it’s members whilst looking into and then working overseas. For information on sending organisations.

Can ADAPT sponsor or fund me overseas?

No, our role is purely support. Please contact the Professional Advisor for International Development at the CSP for information on bursaries available and other financial support that may be available.

I’m overseas at the moment, how can I pay my membership fee?

You are able to pay your memebership fee online - just click on the 'membership' tab on the top left of the screen and follow the simple instructions.  We are also able to process direct bank transfers if that is easier for you. 

am a student physiotherapist, can I still join ADAPT?

Yes, students are recognised and fall under the “unsalaried” members fee category of £10 per annum.

I’m not a Chartered Physiotherapist but am a qualified health professional and I am interested in joining ADAPT. Is this possible?

Yes, we can accept a small number of non-CSP members within the membership, though you would be unable to be part of the Executive Committee. 

I’m interested in becoming part of the ADAPT Executive Committee, how can I do this?

The organisation is purely run on the voluntary work of the Executive Committee. Any extra support is always welcome. We have many roles that require one or two people to take on if you don’t fancy holding a role yourself. Please contact the chairperson of ADAPT for more details.  You receive all of the executive committee's contact details once you join ADAPT

About Working overseas

I'm a student physiotherapist, how can I get an elective placement overseas?

Whilst ADAPT does not have the capacity to directly support elective placements please do contact us for help and we shall do our best to connect you to other members in the location you are seeking. 

I'm a qualified physiotherapist and would like to do some physiotherapy in a developing country, what should I do?

There are many different routes to getting into aid and development work.  A lot depends on how long you have been qualified and your relative experience, but there can be many options to choose from.  Several larger disability and rehab organisations, such as Handicap International or CBM generally expect several years of clinical experience and overseas work.  Others, like VSO, may expect good clinical experience but will support in preparing for the change of going to work in completely new contexts.  Joining ADAPT can be if use in guiding you through your options and talking with people who are already in this line of work. 

I’m approaching the end of my physiotherapy career, but have often thought about working in a developing country.  Can I still do something?

Of course!  We get lots of enquiries from people who are of retirement age, but would like to consider work overseas.  It is worth considering any specific requirements you may have but many organisations would welcome the greater levels of experience.    

Do I get paid or do I have to volunteer?

A lot of this depends on the organisation.  Many organisations are voluntary, though they may cover travel costs or provide stipends in country.  It is possible to join organisations as a physio and be paid for this work.  Many of these posts do require certain levels of experience both clinically and in international development, however.   

Is it a good idea to donate equipment overseas?

Please read ADAPTs write up of our 'equipment donation debate' and a consensus statement on this contentious topic which can be found at the bottom of this page.

I’m already a CSP registered physiotherapist and I am currently working overseas.  What can ADAPT do for me?

Whilst the organisation or body that you are working for should be offering you support, this can sometimes be limited.  By being part of the ADAPT network you can contact any of our members for more support and advice either directly or via the iCSP ADAPT page.  The ADAPT Facebook page also requarly posts updates from the field of internatiopanl health and development relevant to our work.  

Furthermore ADAPT would welcome for you to share your experiences both whilst out in a country or upon your return in order to raise the profile of your work and to allow others to learn froom your own work.

More information about volunteering overseas is available in the CSP document "working as a volunteer abroad" which is linked at the bottom of this page

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