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ADAPT are delighted to announce the launch of 2018’s ADAPT Project Grant (previously known as the ADAPT Award). The ADAPT Project Grant is designed to support individuals to go beyond their normal work or study in support of the organisations aim:

“To support members and facilitate information exchange in order to contribute to the development of effective physiotherapy services world-wide in a manner that promotes an understanding of global healthcare and development issues and which is socio-economically and culturally appropriate.”

As an organisation we recognise that many of our members are involved in small scale projects, but finding the financial support for these can be difficult. This £1000 (awarded in two instalments of £500) award is intended to encourage ADAPT members to continue with and develop projects that support the aims of ADAPT.

One of the key features of the grant is that there must be a knowledge sharing component integrated into the project, enabling all ADAPT members to benefit. Possible examples of knowledge sharing are in the form of a resource publication, journal article or video (other ideas also very much welcomed!) These are then made available to all ADAPT members via the ADAPT website.

There is an expectation that the ADAPT grant winner will present their work at the ADAPT conference, held in the UK, the year after receiving their grant. The conference gives an opportunity for the winner to talk about their project with other ADAPT members and update them on their progress.

The winning project may involve or be conducted by ADAPT members who are citizens of low-resourced countries. The committee recognises that citizens of low-resourced countries may find it difficult to fund their travel to the conference in order to present their work. Citizens of low-resourced countries who are involved in winning projects can apply to the ADAPT committee for a separate travel bursary to help with their travel costs. The bursary is up to £1000, and is awarded at the discretion of the ADAPT committee. The travel bursary is only available in connection with the winning project and will be discussed between the committee and the winner once the ADAPT grant has been awarded.

The Application Process:

We accept applications in the traditional written format and have a proposal format of 1000 words for you to follow, but you are also able to submit your ideas in a less formal way.  We welcome submission of videos (maximum length 10 mins) or a power point presentation with audio explanation (maximum length 10 mins) to explain your project.  If you choose either of these options we would advise that you clearly address the following points, as this is how ADAPT will evaluate the applications: 

  1. Background of the project - why is this important
  2. Objectives (What are you trying to achieve)
  3. Outputs (what the project will deliver)
  4. How will your knowledge and experiences from the project be shared with ADAPT members?
  5. How does this project contribute to the aims of ADAPT?
  6. Use of grant (what do you anticipate the award would be spent on?)

The proposal should outline how the work will meet the mission statement and objectives of ADAPT. The proposal should include a brief outline of your plans for spending the £1000 award. This does not need to be detailed; rather just a rough breakdown of where you anticipate this funding would support your work and the timescale for spending. Please try and anonymise your application as much as possible, although the committee appreciates that this may be difficult in some instances. The deadline for submissions is 31st August 2018. Please send proposals to Sarah Peck (Research Officer) at

Please note that the ADAPT Award is not intended to act solely as a travel bursary, but we do recognise that some of the funding provided through this award may be required to finance international travel. Please see links at the bottom of the page for grants and awards that you may also be interested in. Proposals for work that falls within the expected academic or professional outputs for a particular role will also not be considered.

ADAPT Grant timeline 2018

 May to August 2018: ADAPT grant applications open

June & July 2018: Skype sessions to support application process as required

31st August 2018: ADAPT grant deadline

October 2018: ADAPT grant winner informed

November 2018: ADAPT grant winner announced at conference and first £500 awarded

November 2018: ADAPT grant winner and committee discuss whether there is a need for travel bursary

October 2019: Grantee briefly updates the committee on use of the first £500 instalment of the grant

November 2019: ADAPT award winner attends ADAPT conference to present their work and second £500    awarded

May 2019: Final deadline for knowledge sharing component of the project to be submitted to ADAPT

Terms and Conditions:

  • All applications must be submitted electronically in Adobe Acrobat format by 23:59 on 31st August 2018.
  • Applicants must hold an existing ADAPT membership at the time of applying.
  • Applicants must be either a registered physiotherapist, student physiotherapist or retired physiotherapist or otherwise fulfil the criteria for CSP membership. For MDT projects one member must be one of the above.
  • Applications are welcomed from individuals or from groups of individuals or organisations.
  • Applications are only open to individuals or organisations where sufficient funding is not already in place and where the expected work is not within the job role of the individual or the existing funded objectives of the organisation. Where this is not clear to the committee, it may be necessary to provide professional referees or job descriptions to verify this.
  • ADAPT committee members are able to apply for the grant. However in this instance they are not eligible to take part in judging applications.
  • ADAPT bears no financial responsibility for any costs incurred by individuals or organisations in their work. Furthermore the ADAPT grantee is NOT to be considered and employee of ADAPT.
  • Grantees are expected, within reason, to present their final work at the ADAPT annual study day or joint study. ADAPT will pay attendance expenses in accordance with the ADAPT expenses policy.
  • Grantees must make the knowledge sharing component of their project available free of charge to ADAPT members via the ADAPT website. This should be done within 18 months of initial receipt of the grant.
  • Publishable materials should carry the ADAPT logo.
  • Failure to meet the terms and conditions to the satisfaction of the ADAPT committee will result in the Award being rescinded.
  • Decisions on grant winners will be made by the ADAPT committee. In the event of a split decision the chair of ADAPT will have the final say.
  • If the application is for a piece of research then the applicant is responsible for seeking ethical approval from their relevant body.

 Terms of reference for receipt of the grant:

  • The ADAPT Grantee will receive the first instalment of the grant at the ADAPT study days in October 2018 (£500).
  • The grantee will be expected to report to the ADAPT committee on the progress of their project by October 2018 (see appendix A). This does not need to exactly match the anticipated budget described in the grant proposal, but the committee expects that the grantee is able to demonstrate how their project has progressed. When this is satisfactorily demonstrated the committee will then be able to release the second instalment of the grant (£500) to the grantee.
  • If the grantee has not spent all of the £500 on the project by October 2018 the grantee should report to the committee the outstanding amount and how and when they anticipate this will be spent.


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