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ADAPT are delighted to announce the launch of 2017’s ADAPT Project Grant (previously known as the ADAPT Award). The ADAPT Project Grant is designed to support individuals to go beyond their normal work or study in support of the organisations aim: 


“To support members and facilitate information exchange in order to contribute to the development of effective physiotherapy services world-wide in a manner that promotes an understanding of global healthcare and development issues and which is socio-economically and culturally appropriate.” 


As an organisation we recognise that many of our members are involved in small-scale projects, but finding the financial support for these can be difficult. This £1000 grant is intended to encourage ADAPT members to continue with and develop projects that support the aims of ADAPT. One of the key features of the grant is that there must be a knowledge sharing component integrated into the project, enabling all ADAPT members to benefit. 


Commenting on winning in 2014, Laura Brown said:  


“There is so much more that can be done through winning the award. I’m excited to be able to expand our services and to promote positive changes to educate and support families of children with disabilities”


Application deadline: 31st August 2017. 


For more details on how to apply see attachments.

What other grants and awards are available? 

  • MAITS provides grants to UK based individuals who have an existing relationship with an organisation overseas and are looking for some extra funds to help with a training visit. Please visit  
  • The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: provides grants to British citizens, resident in the UK, to travel overseas to study areas of topical and personal interest, to gain knowledge and bring back best practice for the benefit of others, their profession and community, in the UK. 
  • The Jack Petchey Memorial Fund provides a grant of up to £300 for people aged 16 - 25 from London or Essex to undertake voluntary work abroad. 
  • The Arrol Trust provide grants to young people aged 16-25 looking to broaden their horizons through travel, possibly in the form of gap year or voluntary projects. Call 0131 299 1212 

The CSP have also recently revised their awards: 

  • Education and Development Placements
  • To assist CSP qualified, associate and student members travelling overseas to centres of excellence/quality institutions in countries with well-established physiotherapy practices on study visits/projects for educational or research purposes to develop physiotherapy practice on return to the UK; 
  • Or to support enhancement of physiotherapy through international education and development projects between the UK and physiotherapy members of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) member countries in the developing region; 
  • Or to assist pre-registration physiotherapy students undertaking an elective clinical placement or similar educational exchange. The fund is intended to assist students in financing such placements and is not intended to cover the total cost 
  • Conference and Presentation Awards
  • To fund qualified, associate or student members normally residing in the UK, who wish to contribute to a national conference or meeting relevant to, but outside physiotherapy; 
  • To fund qualified, associate or student members wishing to contribute to an overseas physiotherapy-specific/relevant or interdisciplinary international conference/meeting with the exception of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress; 
  • To fund those contributing to a physiotherapy or interdisciplinary international conference in the UK; 
  • It also supports qualified physiotherapists, associate and student members presenting papers for the first time at peer-reviewed national physiotherapy conferences held in the UK which includes the CSP annual congress, who have never presented at any physiotherapy related or specific conferences before, in the UK or overseas. 
  • Academically Accredited Course Awards

This fund only supports applications for national academically accredited or validated programmes. e.g. National Vocational Qualifications, BTEC Awards, Access courses, MSc, PhDs etc. Applications can be made retrospectively, providing they are submitted by a deadline that falls within the same calendar year in which the programme has been completed. 

  • Research Awards

There are also a number of research awards available from the CSP, see for full details. 


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